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Thursday, March 7, 2013   /   by Kimberly Ayer Team

More Homes for Sale in Warner Robins, GA while Listing Prices Fall

According to the Market Report - a publication of Real Estate Insider, LLC by Kim Ayer Williams - the number of homes for sale in Warner Robins, GA was 458, down 11.78% from 404 in January. This is the 2nd consecutive month where the number of homes for sale increased.

The average price of homes for sale was $137,633, which was down from $139,759 in January. Likewise the median price of homes for sale - the number at which half of the homes listed for sale were for more and half were for less - decreased 0.29% to $114,077.

Rates are climbing, and home prices are increasing. Buyers: this is the time to Buy! We have approximately 1200 Active Listings at this time with over 250 Listings coming to Market in the last 30 days. There are 135 Listings currently Pending and 132 Properties have SOLD. Sellers: this is the time to Sell! Show how your Home is different and worth the Buyers time to take a peak ...

The prices varied according to the size of the homes
- 2 bedroom - $72,344 ...

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Thursday, November 29, 2012   /   by Kimberly Ayer Team

Home on the Market

Decorating a Home on the Market should be a MUST!  Tasteful and Festive Decor can make the Buyer feel more at Home!  Check out these ideas:  

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